Overview: Formats


How to access Formats

You can find the Format field in the Advanced Settings window. Learn more here

How to use default Format options

Below is a table that defines each default Format option. In the Example column, we display the Metric value "4321" with the specified Format selection. 

Description Example
Auto Auto-format synced from Data Source 4,321
Prefixed $ Adds $ in front of Metric value $4,321
Prefixed £ Adds £ in front of Metric value £4,321
Prefixed € Adds € in front of Metric value €4,321
Prefixed A$ Adds A$ in front of Metric value A$4,321
#,### Metric value displays with, between thousands 4,321
#,###.0 Rounds Metric value to 1 decimal place 4,321.0
$#,###.0 Adds $ before Metric value. Rounds to 1 decimal place $4,321.0
$#,###.00 Adds $ before Metric value. Rounds to 2 decimal places $4,321.00
Relative time Calculates the rate of change 50 years ago
Duration Calculates how long something lasts from beginning to end 1 h 12 m 1 s
Prefixed Unit Adds unit before Metric value lbs 4,321
Postfixed Unit Adds unit before Metric value 4,321 lbs
Prefix Currency Adds currency symbol before Metric value $4,321
Postfixed Currency Adds currency symbol behind Metric value 4,321$
Postfixed % Adds % behind Metric value 4,321%
Percentage Multiplies Metric value by 100 and adds % behind Metric value 432,100%

How to add a custom Format

  1.  In the Designer, click on the Datablock whose Format you'd like to update
  2. Click Advanced Settings in the Datablock Editor to open the Advanced Settings Window
  3.  In the Format drop-down list, click + New Custom Format
  4. Enter your custom format. Click Save
  5.  In the Advanced Settings window, click Save

How to set the Format for Time-Tracking Metrics

For Time-Tracking Metrics (e.g., Average Time To Close Deal, Average Session Duration), you can use the default "Duration" option or enter a custom format option to display the time-tracking data. 

The default Duration Format will display [days]:[hours]:[minutes]:[seconds]. If the metric 'length of time' value is large enough, this is the format that will be displayed on the Datablock.

By entering a custom format, you can decide about the format you would like to display on the Datablock for the Time-Tracking Metric. For example, if you don't want to display seconds for Average Time to Close Deal since such granular reporting is not in your interest, you can leave them out by setting up a custom format.

To set this, open  Advanced Settings and click the Format drop-down. Select + New Custom Format and enter P[dd]:[hh]:[mm], where [dd] = days, [hh] = hours, and [mm] = minutes. 

If you would only like to see one unit of time (i.e., only hours), you can set the format as P[hh]

Click Save to save the custom format and new settings.