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Getting Started

Connect your Data Sources and build your Databoards

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Quick Answers

Answers to frequently asked questions and other useful information

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Account Management

Manage users, review billing, upgrade your plan and more

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Learn how to use Google Analytics, AdWords and other Google applications with Databox

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Learn how to use HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot CRM with Databox

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Learn how to use Facebook and Facebook Ads with Databox.

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Data Source Guides

In-depth guides on how to use the most popular Data Sources

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Learn how to complete common tasks through detailed directions

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Feature Overviews

Learn about the functionality, capabilities and use cases for each tool in Databox

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Video Tutorials

Learn how to use Databox through video tutorials

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Build dashboards, use Templates, organize reports and more

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Sharing and Notifications

Share Databoards, enable Notifications, set up Scorecards, create Alerts

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Query Builder

Add filters, additional date ranges and dimensions to create custom metrics

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Data Calculations

Combine data through equations to create calculated metrics.

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Partner Program

Become a Premier Agency, set up and manage your Client reporting

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