How to use Media Creatives in Databox

Media creatives enable you to expand on your reporting. For supported metric they give you the ability to display thumbnails that you would normally see on your Ads.

Currently, Media creatives are supported only on Table visualization for selected Ad Metrics, a list of which can be found in this article. 


How to use Media Creatives

To enable Media Creatives, navigate to the dashboard where you want your creatives to be displayed. Select the Datablock that contains the metrics for which you want to display your creatives. Navigate to the Advanced settings in the right navigation panels and enable the toggle for Media Creatives.

NOTE: If you have many Ads running on your platform media creatives it can take up to 15 minutes to load initially. 

Integrations that support Media Creatives:

  • Facebook Ads with all "by Ad" basic metrics
  • Pinterest Ads with all "by Ad" basic metrics
  • (Coming Soon) TikTok Ads
  • (Coming Soon) LinkedIn Ads 
    • NOTE: If you have an existing TikTok Ads connection, you will need to reconnect to get access to Media Creatives

List of metrics that support Media Creatives



Facebook Ads

Reach by Ad by Ad


Impressions by Ad


Amount Spent by Ad


Frequency by Ad


CPP by Ad


CPM by Ad


Post Reactions by Ad


Post Comments by Ad


Post Shares by Ad


Link Clicks by Ad


Page Likes by Ad


Clicks (All) by Ad


CTR (All) by Ad


CPC (All) by Ad


CTR (Link Click-Through Rate) by Ad


Leads by Ad


Purchase ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) by Ad


Purchases by Ad


Purchases Conversion Value by Ad


App Installs by Ad


Cost Per App Install by Ad


Adds to Cart by Ad


Adds to Cart Conversion Value by Ad

















Pro Tip: We’re eager to hear your feedback, so if there are other integrations or metrics you would like us to look at, request this on our public Roadmap here.

Let us know which other visualizations you would like to use with Media creatives here