Why the Big Number is missing above my graph?

Under specific circumstances, the Big Number (the number value above a graph) may not be displayed on a Line or Bar Chart when you report on certain Metrics. This can occur for both Standard and Dimensional Metrics

Pro Tip: To enable the feature of displaying the Big Number above a graph on a Datablock, make sure that the Show total option is enabled in the Datablock Editor.


The Big Number is not displayed on a Graph with a Standard Metric

Certain Metrics that track newly acquired data (we will refer to them as 'New X' Metrics, e.g. Instagram Business ''New Followers'') are calculated using the values of Metrics that display total values (we will refer to these as 'Total X' Metrics, e.g. Instagram Business ''Total Followers'').

The daily value for 'New X' Metrics is calculated as the difference between the values of 'Total X' Metric in two consecutive days. For longer Date Ranges, we calculate 'New X' Metrics as the difference between the value of 'Total X' Metric on the last day of the selected Date Range and the value of the 'Total X' Metric on the first day of the selected Date Range.

Total Metrics (Metrics that represent the total Metric value, e.g. ''Total Followers'', ''Total Posts'', etc.) do not have historical data available when first used in a Databox account. We only pull in the total current value when the Metric is first used, but we will accumulate more historical data for these Metrics in Databox over time. When a 'New X' Metric is first used in Databox, we also start tracking data for the associated 'Total X' Metric, but only for the purpose of displaying values for the 'New X' Metric, without accumulating historical data. Please note that in order to start tracking actual daily cumulative values for the 'Total X' Metric, it needs to be used separately in Databox.

Due to this characteristic of Total Metrics, the value for 'New X' Metrics cannot be calculated for Date Ranges that begin before the 'New X' Metric is first used in Databox.

After the 'New X' Metric is used in Databox for a sufficient amount of time (e.g., when the selected Date Range no longer covers periods before the 'New X' Metric was first used in Databox), the Big Number will be displayed on the Datablock.

Pro Tip: In order to start syncing data for a Metric, you can add it to your Metrics screen, use it in a Scorecard, set a Goal around it, create an Alert for it, or add it to a Databoard. Learn more here.

Example: Instagram Business ''New Followers''

In this case, the Instagram Business Data Source was connected on November 10th and the Metric ''New Followers'' was first used on a Line Chart on the same day. If we're looking at the data for the ''Last Month'' Date Range in December, daily data is available and displayed for all the dates after the Metric was first used (November 10), but the Big Number is not displayed for the ''Last Month'' Date Range because we don't have the total Metric value from the beginning of November.

This behaviour applies to the following Metrics:
Hubspot Marketing
- ''New Blog Subscribers''
- ''New Subscribers by Blog Name''

- ''New Contacts''

- ''New Followers''
- ''New Following''
- ''New Subscribed Contacts''
- ''New Unsubscribed Contacts''
- ''New Campaigns''
- ''Net Followers''

The Big Number is not displayed on a Graph with a Dimensional Metric

Dimensional Metrics are Metrics that contain Dimensions. Each of these Dimensions has its own value available for the selected Date Range. When used on a Line/Bar Graph, the Big Number on the graph is not displayed as there is no single value that's appropriate to display for the Metric.

Pro Tip: You may want to display the sum of all Dimensions as the Big Number above the chart. 

If a Standard Metric doesn't already exist to show this data, you can use Data Calculations to sum together the individual Dimension values. 

Then, open Advanced Settings for the Datablock and navigate to the Number tab. Select Disable auto-update and choose the Data Source and Metric value you'd like to display as the Big Number above the chart. Click Save.

    It is on our roadmap to improve this functionality by enabling users to be able to show Big Number above the chart as a SUM of all/selected Dimensions. You can upvote for this improvement on our Roadmap here, and be notified if this is scheduled for development or released in-app.