Why are there duplicated Dimension names in Databox

It is possible to see multiple Dimensions with the same names in Databox. This can happen when you rename Dimensions (i.e., Campaigns, Ads, etc.) in your Data Source, as data is syncing through for the old Dimension name and then the new Dimension name.

If you have renamed a Dimension e.g. Campaign you will see the old Campaign Name and the new Campaign Name in Databox until the old Campaign Name is outdated. For example, if you changed a Campaign Name from "Red" to "Blue" on June 15, and it is currently July, you will see "Red" and "Blue" Campaigns returned for "Last Month" (June), but only the new Campaign Name ("Blue") for "This Month" (July) in Databox.

If Metric Builder is available for your Data Source, you can create Custom Campaign Metrics and purge data to re-fetch the Campaign Names. Learn more on how to exclude or rename a Dimension using Metric Builder here.

Metric Builder is not available for all Data Sources. Review which Data Sources have Metric Builder available here.

If you don't have access to Metric Builder, you can add a new connection for the Data Source in your Databox Account. You can then duplicate the original Databoard(s) and replace the old Data Source with the new one.

If you want to completely eliminate the duplicated names, please contact Databox's Support Team via live chat or at help@databox.com. We can purge data for a Metric and resync it. However, this solution is only recommended based on the availability of historical data from the Data Source's API and the date of when the metric was first used in Databox account, as we want to ensure that you don't lose historical data for a Metric.