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Which payment methods are available in Databox?

The Billing page hosts important information about your subscription and payment details. You can also purchase Add-Ons and Services directly from the Billing page. 

Learn more about Databox plans and billing here

The payment methods available in Databox are:

  • Credit/Debit card: Add your credit card or debit card details for payments. You’ll be redirected to the payment page to complete your purchase
  • US bank account: Add your US bank account details to pay directly from your bank account.
  • Apple Pay: You can select Apple Pay payment method when accessing your Databox account via web app from your mobile device or Safari browser on macOS.

You will be charged automatically through your selected payment method for subscription renewals, purchasing additional Data Sources or Add-Ons, etc. 

Pro Tip: To update your selected payment method in Databox, navigate to Account >  Billing and click Edit in the top right corner of Payment details section.