Which Custom Metrics won't be retained when sending a Databoard to a Client Account?

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When you copy a Databoard to a Client Account, you're not copying the data itself, but rather information on where to sync data from. Because of this, certain Custom Metrics won't successfully repopulate with data once they're copied to a Client Account.


HubSpot Active Lists 

In HubSpot's API, Active Lists are identified and tracked by a unique ID rather than by the Active List name. Therefore, even if you have Active Lists named identically across all Client Accounts, you will need to re-run and re-save Custom Active List Metrics in each Client Account. This will update the Custom Metric to sync data from the appropriate Active List in each Client's HubSpot Account. 

Account-specific Custom Metrics

Using Metric Builder, it's possible to create Custom Metrics that are only valid for a certain Account. 

For example, the Metric Builder for Facebook Ads (Pixels) prompts you to select from different Pixels in the Facebook Ads Account. Pixels are Account-specific, so if a Custom Pixel Metric is copied to a Client Account, there's a good chance the Pixel does not exist in that Client's Facebook Ads Account. Because of that, Databox will not be able to sync or display data for the Custom Metric. 

Using the Metric Builder for Google Analytics, you can select default or custom Segments from the Google Analytics Account. Since default Segments like "Organic Traffic" exist in every Google Analytics Account, the Custom Metric can successfully repopulate with data when copied to any Client Account. However, if a custom Segment is selected, the Custom Metric will not be able to successfully repopulate with data in all Client Accounts.