What is the difference between Data Source and Data Source Connection?


What is a Data Source? 

A Data Source is a platform or application that stores your data.

What is a Data Source Connection? 

When a Data Source is connected in Databox, you've established a Data Source Connection. Once a Data Source Connection is established, data is actively syncing between the Data Source and Databox. 

Each connected Data Source counts as a separate Data Source Connection. For example, if you connect 2 Google Analytics Data Sources in Databox, you've established 2 Data Source Connections. 

Some Data Sources store data by entities like Store, Location, Property, etc. In these cases, you will be prompted to select the entity you'd like to connect to Databox. For example, each Google Analytics Property, Shopify Store, Facebook Page, and Google My Business Location connected would be a separate Data Source Connection. 

You can have as many Data Source Connections as you want on any plan. Depending on the plan you’re on, you’d be charged $x/ month per Data Source connection. Learn more here.