Popular Use Cases: HubSpot + Databox


Contact Performance

Contact Performance includes Contacts, Lifecycle Stages, Lists, Custom Contact Properties, and more.

Sample Metrics: "New Contacts," "New Leads by Source," "Became a SQL," "New Contacts by Active List," etc.

Learn more about reporting on Contact Performance in Databox here

Email Performance

Email Performance includes Open Rates, Email Campaigns, and more.

Sample Metrics: "Emails Clicked," "Total Emails Sent by Title (by Last updated)," "Email Open Rate," "Emails Opened by Email Campaign," etc.

Learn more about reporting on Email Performance in Databox here

Website Performance

Website Performance includes website traffic, Landing Pages, Blogs, CTAs, Forms, and more.

Sample Metrics: "Sessions," "Sessions by Source," "Session-to-Lead Conversion Rate," "Landing Page Views," "Top Blog Posts by CTA Clicks," "CTA Clicks," etc.

Learn more about reporting on Website Performance in Databox here

Sales Performance

Sales Performance includes Pipelines, Sales Rep Performance, and more.

Sample Metrics: "Deals Won by Pipeline," "Open Deals Amount (by Stage/Pipeline)," "Calls by Owner," "Deals Created by Owner," "Tasks Completed," "Meetings by Owner," etc.

Learn more about reporting on Sales Performance in Databox here