Popular Use Cases: Google Universal Analytics + Databox

Google is officially sunsetting Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023

Google Analytics 4 is the recommended replacement. Due to the differences in tracking logic used in Universal Analytics vs Google Analytics 4, historical data will not transfer from one to the other.

Because of this, it's important to get Google Analytics 4 set up as soon as possible in order to start accumulating data in this new system. Read our full Transition Guide for more information.



Audience data from Google Analytics gives visibility into who is visiting your website.

Sample Metrics: "Users by Age," "14 Day Active Users," "Sessions by Region," "Mobile Pageviews," etc.

Learn more about reporting on Audience in Databox here


Acquisition data from Google Analytics helps you better understand how people are finding your website/ what's bringing people to your website. 

Sample Metrics: "Organic Sessions," "Bounce Rate by Source / Medium," "Clicks by Google Ads Campaign ID," "Sessions by Social Network," etc.

Learn more about reporting on Acquisition in Databox here


Behavior data from Google Analytics shows what people are doing/ seeing on your website. 

Sample Metrics: "Pageviews by Page," "Blog Sessions," "Bounce Rate by Landing Page," "Unique Events by Event Category," etc.

Learn more about reporting on Behavior in Databox here


Conversion data from Google Analytics highlights the success of your efforts and whether your website visitors are converting. 

Sample Metrics: "Goal 1 Completions," "Revenue by Product," etc.

Learn more about reporting on Conversions in Databox here