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Overview: Using the Databox Apple Watch app

You can use the Databox Apple Watch app to check all your KPI's anytime, anywhere.


How to download the Databox Apple Watch app

To download the Databox Apple Watch app, navigate to the App Store on your iOS device. Search for Databox. Download the Databox Apple Watch app and add it to your Apple Watch using the Watch app on your iOS device. 

How to use the Databox Apple Watch app

To use the Databox Apple Watch app, you must also download the iOS Databox Mobile App to your iOS device, since the app works in union with the Databox mobile app. Learn more about the Databox Mobile App here

Once done, you are ready to monitor your first 10 metrics from your Favorite Metrics list on your Apple Watch, by quickly and easily swiping between them.

Additional Information

  • The syncing of data takes place on the iOS Mobile app and is then sent to your Apple Watch. For the data sync to be executed correctly, you must have the Background App Refresh enabled on your iOS device.

    You can enable this feature in Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Make sure the Databox app is also enabled in these settings.
  • iOS prioritizes data syncs in accordance with its own tasks. In certain cases (i.e., if your battery is low or if Power Saving Mode is on) the data sync may be skipped.