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Overview: Status Page

The Status Page allows you to view the status of incidents and scheduled maintenance in the Databox Systems.  


How to access Status Page

You can access the status page at https://status.databox.com/

How to access incidents on the Status Page


How to access current incidents

The current incidents will always show on the top of the page. 

How to access past incidents [Example]

  1. View this month's incidents in Past Incidents
  2. To view Past incidents of previous months, navigate to the bottom of the page and click Incident History
  3. Since we're interested to view all the past incidents of June 2022, we'll click on + Show All 5 Incidents
  4. We want to view the incident Temporary data syncing delays, so we'll click on this. This will open the Incident Report for this incident.

How to view Incident Statuses

All incidents will include an up-to-date status to let you know if the incident is ongoing or resolved. Here is the meaning of each status: 

  • Investigating: Incidents where the Product Team is investigating the root cause of the issue.
  • Identified: Incidents where the cause has been identified, and the Product Team is working on the resolution.
  • Monitoring: Incidents where the resolution has been implemented and observed.
  • Resolved: Incidents where it’s established that the resolution has worked, and no additional related issues have been notified.

How to view Incident Components

  • A) Data & Sync Platform: Services for connecting new Data Sources, sync pushing, and processing. Incidents in this component will be related to issues with syncing of data. 
  • B) Databox Web Application: Incidents in this component will consist of loading delays, delays with sending the notifications, Web Application inaccessibility, unavailable user interactions, Data Source connecting issues, etc.
  • C) Website, Blog & Knowledge Base: Incidents related to the Databox Website, Blog, and the Knowledge Base
  • D) Mobile: Incidents related to the Mobile App, such as the app not working, users not being able to log in only to the Mobile App, etc.
  • E) 3rd- party API Data providers: Databox's Data platform integrates with 3rd-party API to gather and store the requested data. Incidents in this component will be those that happen on the API providers’ end and are affecting the data used in Databox.

How to subscribe to Status Page Incidents


How to subscribe to all Status Page Incidents via email

Navigate to Subscribe to Updates. Enter your Email Address and click Subscribe Via Email.

How to subscribe to all Status Page Incidents via Slack

You can subscribe to Slack notifications to get updates in a public or private Slack channel, or as a direct Slack message. 

  1. Click on the Subscribe to Updates button
  2. Click on the Slack Icon
  3. Click on the blue Subscribe via Slack button 
  4. In the text box, write a message for your App Managers to grant permission
  5. Click on the Submit button

How to subscribe to a current status page incident

The current incidents will always show on the top of the page. 

  1. Click on the Subscribe button on the right
  2. Next, click on the Slack Icon
  3. Enter your Email Address
  4. Click on the blue Subscribe to Incident button 
  5. Click on the Submit button