Overview: Public Templates for Reports

Databox has Public Templates for Reports to help you create Reports as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the Reports Public Template Directory, you will find a collection of popular Report Templates built by data experts that you can easily pull into your Account to efficiently monitor your data, create presentations, and share results. 


How to access Public Templates for Reports

To access Public Templates for Reports, navigate to Reports > Public Templates. Here, you will see all Public Templates for Reports that are available. 

How to use a Public Template for Reports

  1.  Navigate to Reports  >  Public Templates.
  2. Use Filters or the Search bar to find a Template that meets your needs. Click Preview to view a preview of the Report populated with dummy data. 
    1. Pro Tip: If you can't find a Public Template that's an exact match for your use case, consider using one that has the majority of what you're looking for. Once you download a Public Template to your Account, it is completely yours to customize as you see fit.
  3.  Click the green  Use Template button to download a copy of this Template to your Account.
  4.  Select the appropriate Data Source(s) from your Account to re-populate the Metrics in the Report with your Data. If you don't have a Data Source connected that is needed for the Report, you will not be able to use the Template.
  5. The Report will now be re-built in your Account and populated with data from the selected Data Source(s).
    1. Pro Tip: Open the new Report in Reports Editor to further customize it to meet your data needs.