Overview: Metric Digest

With the Metric Digest, you can receive detailed weekly performance updates for your most important Metrics directly via email. This can help you monitor weekly trends efficiently so that you can boost your performance or adjust your strategies if something isn't going as planned.


How to access Metric Digest

Navigate to Notifications > Metric Digest. Click + New Metric Digest to create a new Metric Digest.

How to use Metric Digest

A) Metric: Select a Metric from the Metric drop-down. You can filter out Metrics for a specific Data Source using the Data Source drop-down. You can filter out Basic, Custom, or Calculated Metrics using the Metric type drop-down.
B) Delivery options: Select the channels where you would like to receive your Metric Digest. Currently, Metric Digest can only be sent by Email. Options to send the Metric Digest by Mobile and Slack will soon be available. 
C) Delivery time: Choose the frequency that you want your Metric Digest to be delivered. You can select from the three Delivery time options shown below: 
  • Every Sunday at 8 AM: The Metric Digest will be delivered every Sunday at 8 AM. It will include the metric performance data of the previous week (Sunday to Saturday)
  • Every Friday at 4 PM: The Metric Digest will be delivered every Friday at 4 PM. It will include the metric performance data of the current week (Sunday to Friday)
  • Custom: By selecting this, you can choose the day and the time you want the Metric Digest to be delivered on. You can also choose the Date Range to see the metric performance (Last Week, Week to Date, This Week, and Last 7 Days).

Pro Tip: Delivery time is always in the user's timezone.

D) Metric Digest Preview: As you add a Metric to your Metric Digest, the Preview will show the Data Story and the Metric Visualization. The Data Story includes a Metric Value, Metric Name, Date Range, Comparison Period, Comparison Period Value, and Comparison Period Percentage.
E) Save: This will save the Metric Digest and the current settings.

How to create Metric Digest [Example]

  1. Navigate to Notifications  > Metric Digest
  2. Click + New Metric Digest
  3. We want to set the Metric Digest to monitor any weekly trends in Sessions to our website tracked in HubSpot, So we'll open the Metric drop-down, select the appropriate HubSpot Marketing Account in the Data Source drop-down, and we'll select Sessions as the Metric.
  4. The Delivery option will be Email, so the Metric Digest can be emailed weekly to us.
  5. We want to monitor the current week's performance,and we want it delivered every Friday so that we can quickly adjust our strategies if something isn't going as planned. So, we'll select the Delivery time as  Every Friday at 4 PM.
  6. Click  Save to activate the Metric Digest in the Account.