Master Overview: Metric Tools


What are Metric Tools?

Metric Tools allow you to manipulate data, so it’s presented in a way that’s easier to understand, more insightful, more granular, etc. 

Databox has 2 main Metric Tools available: 

  1. Metric Builder
  2. Data Calculations

When to use Metric Builders?

Metric Builders allow you to pull additional data via API that may not be synced through the Basic Metrics for the integration. This may be a completely new metric that’s not natively available, or it could be breaking down a metric further, so you can get better insight into it. 

For example, you could use the Metric Builder to create a new HubSpot CRM Metric that tracks data from a custom property (i.e., “Account Manager”). Or, you could use the Metric Builder to create a new Google Analytics Metric that tracks Organic Traffic only from users in Australia.

Metric Builder is available on the Professional and higher plans. Request a trial of Metric Builder by following these steps.

When to use Data Calculations?

With Data Calculations, you can combine data from any Data Source in an equation to create new Calculated Metrics. Some popular use cases for Data Calculations include calculating Conversion Rates, ROI, ROAS, and more. 

For example, you could create a Calculated Metric to track the conversion rate for Sessions-to-Signups, or create a Calculated Metric that adds together Calls for all Sales Reps.