How to share your Databoards

There are a variety of ways to share your Databox dashboards. 


Shareable Links

The Shareable Link is a unique page outside of the Databox app where your Databoards are accessible. Shareable Links can display an individual Databoard or multiple looped Databoards. 

Learn more about Shareable Links here

Send via Email

Databoards can be sent to email immediately (one time only) by navigating to the Databoards page and hovering over the Databoard that you want to be sent via email. Click on the Share icon and navigate to the Send to Email tab in the Share window. Specify the Email recipient(s), File Format, and Date Range for the Databoard. If desired, add a custom subject and a personal note to the message as well.

Pro Tip: If you want to send a Databoard Loop via Email, navigate to  Databoards >  Looped Databoards and find the loop that you want to send to Email. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the  View button and select  Share > Send to Email. The email will be sent one time only.

Share to Slack

You can send a Databoard or a Databoard Loop to your Slack workspace immediately, or set Notifications including Scheduled Snapshots, Scorecards and Alerts to be automatically delivered to a specific Slack channel.

Learn more about sharing Databoards to Slack here

Embed on a Webpage

Embedding a Databoard on a webpage allows you to share live, interactive Databoards with your website visitors. Individual Databoards or multiple looped Databoards can be embedded on a webpage. 

Learn more about embedding Databoards on a webpage here

Stream to TV

You can easily stream Databoards to a Smart TV from your Databox Account. 

Learn more about streaming Databoards to a TV here

Scheduled Snapshots

Scheduled Snapshots allow you to share PDF or JPG version of your Databoards at regular times. Scheduled Snapshots can export an individual Databoard or multiple looped Databoards. 

Learn more about Scheduled Snapshots here


Reports provide an analysis of historical data. They can include a combination of data, text, and images in order to add context and provide a record or story of the performance data.