How to rename the Metric legend on a Line Chart or Bar Chart

By default, the Metric name in the legend below a Chart is set to reflect the name of the Metric displayed on the Chart. It is possible to rename or change the text for a specific visualization from the Advanced Settings window. 

The ability to customize the legend is useful if you are using different terminology in your company or if you want to further clarify what's displayed on the Chart.

Pro Tip: If the legend is ever customized for a Datablock, it will no longer update if a new Metric is added to the Datablock. If you want the legend to automatically update, it's recommended that you delete the Datablock and rebuild it on the Databoard. 


  1. In the  Designer, click on the Datablock where you want to edit the legend. This will open  Datablock Settings
  2. At the bottom of  Datablock Settings click Advanced Settings to open the Advanced Settings window
  3. Enter your new legend in the textbox on the top tab of the Advanced Settings window