How to recover account access if two-factor authentication is enabled

If two-factor authentication is enabled, and you lose access to your authentication device/ method, you should first try to use a recovery code to regain access to your Account. 

Recovery codes

When setting up two-factor authentication, 10 recovery codes are shared and are available for download. Each code can be used once and allows you to log in to the app and bypass two-factor authentication. In order to login, your username and password will still need to be correct before entering a recovery code.

Recovery codes can be recreated. When recovery codes are recreated, old recovery codes are revoked. 

Disable two-factor authentication (2FA) via Support

If you haven't stored your recovery codes, the only way to log in is to disable two-factor authentication. This can only be done by the Customer Support Team. 

Disabling 2FA via Support is the last option and is only done when the user no longer has access to the 2FA device or recovery codes. Two-factor authentication is enabled to increase security, so this is a security precaution that is taken seriously. 

There is a screening process to verify your identity before disabling two-factor authentication. The screening process may take up to 3 business days. 

To request for Support to disable two-factor authentication, please email from the email address associated with your Databox Account. Include a picture of your photo ID along with information as to why you can no longer access your two-factor authentication code.