How to combine data from multiple HubSpot accounts

HubSpot users who have multiple HubSpot portals can use the Data Calculations tool in Databox to aggregate Metrics from all of their HubSpot Data Sources. In this document, we will walk through an example of how to create a Calculated Metric that shows the total number of Sessions tracked across 3 separate HubSpot portals.

        Data Calculations is available on the Professional and higher plans. Request a trial of Data Calculations by following
these steps.

    Pro Tip: There are 2 Templates in the public Template Directory that were designed for users with multiple HubSpot portals. These Templates are called " Marketing Funnel Rollup (2 HubSpot Accounts)" and " Marketing Funnel Rollup (3 HubSpot Accounts)." After pulling the Template(s) into your Account, you would need to edit the Calculated Metrics on the Databoard to ensure they're pulling data from the appropriate HubSpot portals. 

    1. Navigate to Metrics > Data Calculations
    2. Click the green + New calculation button to create a new Calculated Metric
    3. Click on variable  A to open the first Metric selection window. Select the first HubSpot Data Source from the Data Source drop-down list, and select Sessions from the Metric drop-down list. 
    4. Click on variable B to open the next Metric selection window. Select the second HubSpot Data Source from the  Data Source drop-down list, and select  Sessions from the Metric drop-down list. 
    5. Click on the gray operator and select from the drop-down list
    6. Click on variable C to open the next Metric selection window. Select the third HubSpot Data Source from the  Data Source drop-down list, and select  Sessions from the  Metric drop-down list. 
    7. Enter a name for your Calculated Metric. We'll call ours "Sessions (Total)"
    8. Click the green  Save button to save the Calculated Metric. Your Calculated Metric will then be available in the Designer. 

    Pro Tip: Follow these steps to add a Calculated Metric to a Databoard.