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How to change your email address

Each user has the ability to update their own email address. Learn more about how to manage users in your Account here


  1. Open your Databox Analytics Account and navigate to Account > My Profile to access Account Management Application.
  2. Navigate to the Email section.  
  3. Click on the green Change button. This will open a window where you can enter your new email address.    
  4. After you have entered your new email address, click the green Yes, Change button. This will send a confirmation email to your old (original) email address to confirm the change.
    1. Pro Tip: A notification message is shown to inform you about the pending confirmation. If you have not received a confirmation email to your old email address, click on Resend e-mail. If you want to cancel this email change, click on Cancel. If you are unable to confirm the change from the original email address, please contact our Support Team via chat or email at help@databox.com.
  5. Click on the link you received to your old email address to confirm the new email address. After there has been confirmation from your old email address, a confirmation email is sent to the new email address.
  6. Click on the link you received on your new email address to complete the email change process.
    1. Pro Tip: Until the email change is confirmed also from the new email address, the old email address will stay active for your account.
  7. When you have confirmed the email change from both email addresses, your new email address will be saved.