How to access Google Universal Analytics Custom Segments in Metric Builder for Google Analytics (Report)

Google is officially sunsetting Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023

    Google Analytics 4 is the recommended replacement. Due to the differences in tracking logic used in Universal Analytics vs Google Analytics 4, historical data will not transfer from one to the other.
      Because of this, it's important to get Google Analytics 4 set up as soon as possible in order to start accumulating data in this new system. 

Read our full Transition Guide for more information. 

Within Google Universal Analytics, you can create Custom Segments to better analyze data that meets certain parameters.

When using Metric Builder for Google Universal Analytics (Report), you may notice that Custom Segments set in your Google Universal Analytics account are not available in the Segment drop-down menu.

By default, Custom Segments in Google Universal Analytics are only visible to the Segment Creator and to Google Universal Analytics Users who were given access to the given Segment. To share the Segment with other users and make it visible in Databox, permissions for the Custom Segment must be set correctly.


How to change permissions for a Custom Segment in Google Universal Analytics

  1. Log in to your Google Universal Analytics Account
  2. Click Admin, navigate to the  View column  and select Segments
  3. Select the relevant Segment
  4. In the top right corner, click on Change
  5. To share the Segment with other users, select the option Collaborators and I can apply/edit Segment in this View. This will make the Custom Segment available in the Metric Builder for Google Universal Analytics (Report) in Databox.

Pro Tip: If you have a User-ID Custom Segment available in Google Universal Analytics, that Segment will only be visible in Databox if the Show User-ID Reports was enabled for the given User-ID View.

How to select a Segment in Metric Builder for Google Universal Analytics (Report)

Metric Builder is available on the Professional and higher plans. Request a trial of Metric Builder by following these steps.

When using Metric Builder for Google Universal Analytics (Report) to create a Custom Metric, you have the possibility to filter data by a Segment from Google Universal Analytics. To select a Segment in the Metric Builder for Google Universal Analytics (Report), follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Navigate to Metrics  > Custom Metrics
  2. Click the green  + New Custom Metric button 
  3. Select the appropriate Google Universal Analytics Data Source
  4. Select the relevant Metric from the Metric drop-down list
  5. Click on the  Advanced Options link to access the  Segment field
  6. Click on the  Segment field and select the relevant Segment from the drop-down menu    
  7. In order to accurately explain what this Custom Metric is reporting on, give the Custom Metric an appropriate name 
  8. Click Preview Data to generate a Data Preview of the Custom Metric  
  9. Once we confirm that these are the results we're looking for, we'll click Save to save the Custom Metric.