How is our data synced, stored, and secured?


How is our data synced?

All data synced from native integrations, like HubSpot, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc., is accessed through that Data Source's Application Programming Interface (API). For example, HubSpot's API is controlled by HubSpot and is different than Google Analytics' API, which is controlled by Google. The same goes for all other Data Sources that Databox natively integrates with. 

Since we are syncing data from each Data Source's API, certain data may be limited or inaccessible. In these cases, we do our best to work with the owner of the API to gain further access. 

For some Metrics, backend calculations are performed to produce the value you see in Databox. This is often the case for rates, percentages, or net new metrics. For example, the HubSpot Marketing Metric "Contact Conversion Rate" divides the number of New Contacts by the number of Sessions during the specified Date Range.

How often do my Data Sources sync with Databox? 

Syncing intervals are determined based on plan and Account activity.

Learn how to sync data more frequently here

There are some exceptions to the typical sync schedule that is in place to improve performance. For example, we take into consideration a variety of factors like user activity (so we sync your data when it's most valuable to you), API limitations, usage of metrics, etc. to determine the sync schedule for an account. 

If users in the account are less active, we will sync data less frequently (minimum of once per day). When a user logs into the account or views a Sharable Link for the first time after a period of inactivity, the data update will be queued to refresh as soon as possible. It may take a few minutes for all data to refresh in the Account, but will result in the most up-to-date data available for the user. 

To establish a regular sync schedule for a metric, the metric must be used somewhere in your Databox Account. This includes being added to the Metrics screen, a Databoard, a Goal, a Scorecard, or an Alert. If a Metric is not used anywhere in Databox, the Metric will not sync regularly. This may result in gaps in accessible data for the metric or limited historical data for the Metric.

There are certain Data Sources that have different sync schedules based on API limitations or constraints. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Google Sheets: syncs every hour, if data in the Google Sheet has been updated since the last data sync in Databox
  • YouTube: syncs every 8 hours
  • AccuRanker: syncs normally 
  • Ahrefs: syncs once per day
  • MOZ: syncs once per day

When you use Scorecards, Scheduled Snapshots, or Scheduled Reports, Databox automatically refreshes all metrics included in the Scorecard/ Databoard(s)/ Report(s) just before the scheduled email is meant to be sent out. In some cases, this may result in slight delay in the email being sent out (up to 15 minutes) to ensure the freshest data is synced and displayed. 

How is our data stored and secured? 

At Databox, we are committed to protecting our users’ privacy.

For information on how data is stored and secured, please review our Privacy Policy

Relevant sections:
  • Our Commitment To Data Security
  • Period for which your personal data will be stored
  • Personally Identifiable Information
  • Collection of general data and information

You can also read more about Databox's commitment to the GDPR and Data Processing Agreement