How do I cancel my subscription or delete my account?

There are a few ways you can cancel your Databox subscription:

1) Move to a Free Plan: we have a free-forever plan that we can move you to if you would like to keep using Databox. This plan allows for 3 Data Source Connections and 3 Dashboards. In order to move your Account to this plan, you would need to delete any data sources and dashboards that are over this limit.

Learn how to move to a Free Plan here

2) Cancel your Subscription: by canceling your Subscription, we will stop syncing with your connected Data Sources. If you choose to use Databox again in the future, your login credentials and Account information can be re-activated. 

Learn how to cancel your Subscription here

You can cancel your subscription by navigating to Account > Billing. At the top of the page, click Plans. At the bottom of the page, click Cancel Subscription. Choose Cancel my Subscription and click the red Cancel Subscription button to cancel your subscription

3) Delete your Account: deleting your Account is irreversible. If you decide to delete your Account, we will remove it from our system completely. You will not be able to restore a deleted account.

Learn how to delete your Account here

You can delete your account from the Account Management Application. In your Databox Analytics Account, navigate to Account > Account Management to access your Company Information. Learn more about this hereNavigate to Delete Account and click on the Delete Account button. Fill in the required information in the pop-up window. Click the red Yes, delete button to delete your account.