Google Analytics 4 Partner Services

Google is officially sunsetting Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. 

Our goal at Databox is to make the transition to Google Analytics 4 as seamless as possible for our users. 

Before you can build dashboards and start tracking your data, you need to get GA4 set up. Not every company is equipped to do that by themselves. 

So, we pulled together a list of Databox Partners who offer Google Analytics 4 services.* Not only can these agencies get Google Analytics 4 set up, but they’re often able to provide additional assistance like training, dashboard setup, and more. 

Check out our partner’s Google Analytics 4 services offerings: 

* It’s the responsibility of the individual to vet the service offerings. Databox does not make any guarantees regarding the results of the service and is not personally involved in the service agreement.

Twenty-First Digital

  • Description of service: We’re breaking down our service offerings as follows: 
    • Fresh, Cross-Domain GA4 Setup & Tracking
      • Map Out of Tracking Needs (Consult with Client)
      • Tracking Implementation of Up to 8 Events
      • Cross-domain tracking (GA4)
      • Covers Google Ads & Google Analytics (GA4) conversion / event tracking (8 events)
      • Implementation via Google Tag Manager
      • Databoard updates to new GA4 metrics (current TFD clients only)
    • Fresh, Cross-Domain GA4 Setup & Tracking with Purchase Journey Tracking
      • Map Out of Tracking Needs (Consult with Client)
      • Tracking Implementation of Up to 8 Events
      • Cross-domain tracking (GA4)
      • Covers Google Ads & Google Analytics (GA4) conversion / event tracking (8 events)
      • Implementation via Google Tag Manager
      • eCommerce and purchase journey tracking
      • Databoard updates to new GA4 metrics (current TFD clients only)
  • Cost of service: The costs range between $4,000 - $6,000 per website, depending on the specific tracking requests established in the initial meeting with the client. 
  • Additional information: Visit this landing page to learn more about our offering and connect with our team. 

ATAK Interactive

  • Description of service: We offer everything from basic to complex GA4 implementations. On the basic side, this would be creating the GA4 property, implementing the tracking code in GTM, and adjusting data stream settings for enhanced measurement. We typically recommend setting up custom web events, app events, web + app events, and Android events, as well. For e-commerce clients, we also have experience implementing data layers to track purchase history, abandoned carts, product views, etc.
    • Our GA4 packages include a strategy session to identify the best implementation route and training so clients know what the metrics mean (and how they might differ from Universal Analytics), where to find events reporting, etc.
  • Cost of service: Our GA4 implementation packages start at $2,000. More advanced implementations (especially when data layers are required) would be additional and we can scope that out on a project-by-project basis. 
  • Additional information: To learn more or sign up for this service, you can book a call or visit our website and submit the contact form.

Enterprise Sales Institute

  • Description of service: We can do a complete implementation, migration, or overhaul of companies’ Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager setups. That’s for both 3rd party cookie tracking and server-side tracking. We can then import any/all data into Databox, of course. Learn more here.
  • Cost of service: Price depends. We offer a whitelabel version of Databox starting at $500 per month for setup. However, large custom projects can be $10s of thousands.
  • Additional information: We’re a RevOps company called the Enterprise Sales Institute. Our team is comprised of ex sales and marketing executives from the Fortune 500 down to VC-backed startups. We understand sales and marketing context, which leads to far better insights than simply having a dashboard full of metrics. You can connect with us here.

10x Digital

  • Description of service: We offer the following as part of our service: 
    • Audit of existing Google Analytics accounts & website for GA4 conversion tracking/planning
      • Custom events
      • Custom dimensions
      • GA4 implementation for enhanced ecommerce (if needed)
      • Reporting hooks
    • Installing Google Analytics 4 for domain & subdomains
    • Setting up Google Tag Manager for website & subdomains via Google Analytics 4
  • Cost of service: Our cost varies dependent on the scope of work. For smaller sites, a sample range would be $1700-$2000. 
  • Additional information: 10x Digital is a full-service woman-owned 20-year-old digital agency with national accounts, offering highly-responsive customer service and a high ROI. We have been implementing GA4 for several national and regional B2B and B2C clients over the past year. Reach out to for more information. 

Full Funnel Growth

  • Description of service: We are a full-stack digital marketing agency with design, marketing, data, and development capabilities all in-house. We work across industries for both B2B and B2C companies - e-commerce and brick & mortar - and specialize in helping businesses grow their online presence through data-driven strategies. Our GA4 migration service is designed to help brands seamlessly transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Here’s how we can help:
    • Determine your tracking needs: We’ll work with you to consider which events will be most useful for your business and plan to create them in GA4.
    • Set up a new GA4 property: We’ll create a new GA4 property for your business, which will allow you to start collecting data in GA4 while still maintaining your UA data.
    • Determine which UA data to import: We’ll help you determine which data is most important to your business and plan to import it into GA4.
    • Set up data filters and views: We’ll configure your GA4 property to filter out irrelevant traffic and create new views to organize your data.
    • Set up new integrations: GA4 offers a wider range of integrations with other Google products than UA. We’ll help you set up new integrations in GA4 to streamline your data collection and analysis processes.
    • Update your website or app: If you’re using GA tracking code on your website or app, we’ll help you update it to use the GA4 tracking code.
    • Test your implementation: Once we’ve set up your GA4 property, events, and integrations, we’ll test your implementation to ensure that data is being collected and tracked correctly.
    • Monitor your data: Once you’ve fully migrated to GA4, we’ll help you keep a close eye on your data to ensure that it’s accurate and provides the insights you need.
  • Cost of service: The cost of our GA4 migration service varies depending on the complexity of the project, but they typically start at $3,000. We can provide more information on the specific costs once we have more details on the project scope.
  • Additional information: If you're interested in learning more or signing up for our GA4 migration service, you can book a free consultation & audit through this link.


  • Description of service: Our service includes GA4 setup along with a training session. 
  • Cost of service: This service is a flat price of $2k.
  • Additional information: Outside of GA4 setup, we provide digital marketing services to help grow the website traffic. The paid ad channels we support include (but are not limited to) Google Search Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads and Amazon Ads. Please visit our website for more information as it relates to services or to get in touch with our team.


  • Description of service: As part of this service, our team sets up the GA4 property, connects the property to Google Tag Manager (GTM), links the UA and GA4 properties, and sets up the data streams. From there, we configure the GA4 events and parameters and debug to ensure all events are firing correctly. We also migrate reports and any custom configurations as needed. 
    • We are archiving Universal Analytics (UA) reports from Databox and converting UA reports to GA4 reporting, providing as much preservation of the data you’re used to as possible. It's not a perfect 1:1 system, but we try to preserve the data to which you are accustomed as much as possible.
  • Cost of service: The cost is $300-$450 per migration, depending on the amount of customization we need. 
  • Additional information: We currently only offer this service to clients with a hosting, WordPress maintenance plan, SEO plan, or any other digital marketing plans with us. If you’re interested in this service, simply reach out to or to get set up on one of our monthly or annual plans. We will ensure your GA4 is fully optimized for sunsetting on July 1.

Forest Green Digital

  • Description of service: Forest Green Digital offers complete Google Analytics 4 and digital marketing reporting services. Our team are well versed in the digital reporting requirements of business of all sizes working with business from 1 person, 1 page startups to multinational business.
  • Cost of service: We work with clients to understand what their requirements are before providing a quote. In general our work migrating business to GA4 starts from A$1,500.
  • Additional information: You can schedule a free, no obligation zoom meeting at our website.

IMG Digital Marketing

  • Description of service: Our service includes a thorough audit of your current Google Analytics setup and data migration to Google Analytics 4. We also provide recommendations for utilizing the new data available to optimize website performance and drive conversions.
  • Cost of service: Our service fee for the Google Analytics 4 setup and migration service starts at $500.
  • Additional information: If you're interested in our services, you can get in touch with us through our Agency Director, Nick Simard, at (cc: We would be happy to discuss further and help you with their GA4 needs. 


  • Description of service: As a full-service agency, we offer full custom setup of GA4 done inhouse by our developer and marketing team.
    • For WordPress users we also offer advanced server-side tracking with dedicated tracking servers to make sure the data quality is the best it can be (within GDPR regulations), and to provide real first party data. Read more about our SST solutions here (in Norwegian).
    • We also set up Facebook CAPI and can connect GA4 to Google Ads etc.
  • Cost of service: Price depends on complexity and number of events to be tracked. The cost of this service starts at USD 750.
  • Additional information: You can contact Nettrakett agency here

Heart for Marketing

  • Description of service: We can help/consult companies with setting up Google Analytics 4 also in combination with Google Tag Manager. We can also help set up goals etc. in Google Analytics 4.
  • Cost of service: We charge a fee of 100 euro per hour excluding VAT.
  • Additional information: Reach out to for more information about the service. 


  • Description of service: We offer a full GA4 Migration service which includes migration of account connections (AdWords etc), UA goals converted to GA4 conversions, audience creation, replication of existing custom reports, filter migrations, full e-commerce migration including item views, add-to-carts, and purchases for the full purchase event funnel. We can also provide GA4 training if needed. 
  • Cost of service: Starting from £750 depending on the migration needs - contact for a bespoke quote. 
  • Additional information: We've done over 100 migrations! You can reach out to us here or email us at


  • Description of service: Dunn&Co. proudly offers GA4 training and implementation services, covering everything from GA4 set-up, custom event and report creation, ecommerce tracking, analytics monitoring, KPI identification/benchmarking and more. Please see below for details/costs on GA4 training and implementation, and reach out to our team to learn more about our additional GA4 services.
    • GA4 Installation: Scope includes project management and support for installing Google Analytics 4 (GA4) or upgrading Universal Analytics properties to GA4 on one website property/domain.
      • Scope excludes the creation of any custom GA4 reports, metrics, dimensions, events and/or conversions.
      • In order to deliver this service, you must provide Dunn&Co. with access to your website hosting provider and/or Google Tag Manager (GTM) account, as well as any current Google Analytics properties.
    • GA4 Training: Scope includes one (1) 1.5-hour training and Q&A session where we will review the key differences between Google Analytics 4 vs. Universal Analytics, review GA4's enhanced measurement capabilities (including automatically-collected events), discuss how to customize collected data by setting up custom events, event parameters, conversions, dimensions, and metrics. 
      • On top of that, you’ll learn how to customize reports and create custom data explorations (Reports and Explorations dashboards), review user conversion paths to understand which ad channels drove conversions (Advertising dashboard), learn how to creative custom, event-based audience segments for reporting and targeting, and take a tour of your new GA4 account and the complete GA4 interface.
      • This service also includes up to 2 hours of post-training consulting for any follow-up questions and a training guide/PDF that’s delivered following the session for your team to reference moving forward
      • We recommend holding the training at least 4 weeks after GA4 has been implemented. This will ensure there's sufficient data in the GA4 account at the time of training to ensure participants get the most out of the session.
      • We recommend training is delivered to groups of 1-4 people. If you'd like a larger group, we recommend breaking the training into three hour-long sessions for an incremental cost.
      • Training excludes the creation of any custom GA4 reports, metrics, dimensions, events and/or conversions.
  • Cost of service: Our GA4 Installation service costs $1,750, while the GA4 training service costs $4,000. 
  • Additional information: To learn more, get in touch via our website or email us directly at


  • Description of service: GreenMellen provides maintenance for WordPress websites, which includes a complimentary setup for Google Analytics 4. This flexible monthly service also includes website backups, plugin updates, malware scans, 24/7 monitoring, and more. Additionally, we offer higher tiers of management that come with website content tweaks, data analytics, or other add-on digital marketing services.
  • Cost of service: The price for basic level maintenance is $125/month. Adding content tweaks increases the cost to $350/month. Adding data analytics with quarterly meetings is $650/month.
  • Additional information: Interested businesses can reach out to our team at or visit our website. We've also released a blog post and podcast episode specifically to guide small businesses through the transition to Google Analytics 4.

Analytics That Profit

  • Description of service: As part of our service to transition or set up GA4, our typical process is as follows:
    • Install Google Tag Manager (this makes GA4 more useful for tagging events)
    • Install GA4 in Tag Manager.
    • Connect Google Ads in GA4
    • Connect Google Search Console in GA4.
    • Connect the Data Stream with Enhanced measurement.
    • Create Data filters if required.
    • Configure tag settings in GA4.
    • Create the appropriate tags in Google Tag Manager as GA4 events.
    • Add Search Console report to GA4.
    • Connect the GA4 Data Source to Databox.
  • Cost of service: Our typical charge is $600 which includes 3 hours of setup and training time.
  • Additional information: You can schedule a meeting or contact us here to learn more about our service. 

Volume Nine

  • Description of service: We'll help your brand make the jump to GA4, Including Tag Manager Setup, GA4 Setup & Event Configuration. Overall, we're an SEO & Social media agency, but Analytics is one of our core competencies. We've tried to make this service quick and scrappy to help brands get this knocked out + still be able to get the data they need from GA4.  
    • Simple implementations: Setup Tag Manager, Setup GA4 & some custom conversion events (in addition to the standard ones that are already available). dev installation of Google Tag Manager on the website is not included. 
    • Complex implementations: Troubleshooting, complicated events, ecommerce tracking, report setups, etc. 
  • Cost of service: Simple implementations cost $1,500 (one-time fee). We provide custom quotes for complex implementations. New retainer clients for SEO or social media receive GA4 Migration services for free. 
  • Additional information: Clients interested in this or other analytics services can visit our website and contact us here

Ecommerce & More

  • Description of service:  We provide a comprehensive GA4 setup service to help you get the most out of Google Analytics. Our service includes setting up the GA4 property, creating custom events, setting up custom reports, and configuring data sharing settings. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your GA4 setup is running smoothly. With our help, you can easily track and analyze your website performance, user behavior, and more.
  • Cost of service: Pricing starts at 499€, and is dependent on the website, shop etc.
  • Additional information: Learn more about our service and get in touch with our team here.


  • Description of service: Our GA4 done for you service takes care of everything for you, from initial setup and configuration to ongoing monitoring and analysis. We'll work with you to identify your specific business goals and ensure that your analytics tracking is aligned with those goals. Our service includes:
    • Setup and configuration: We'll install the GA4 tracking code on your website and configure it according to your specific needs.
    • Event tracking: We'll help you identify the key user interactions you want to track (such as button clicks, form submissions, or video plays) and set up event tracking so that you can measure your success.
    • Custom reporting: We'll create custom reports that give you the insights you need to make data-driven decisions for your business.
    • Ongoing analysis and optimization: We'll monitor your analytics data on an ongoing basis and provide you with recommendations for how to improve your website's performance.
  • Cost of service: All of this is available to you at a one-time price starting at $897.00.
  • Additional information: With our GA4 done for you service, you can rest assured that you're making the most of this powerful tool and using data to drive your business forward. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

Dallas Antwerp

  • Description of service: We are a creative & performance agency in Belgium and one of the top 10 Hubspot partners in our market (since 2012). We focus on B2C and B2C. We don’t have any specific verticals in our current client scope, so we can work on all types of clients. We offer a full upgrade to GA4 with associated GTM. We offer multiple levels of this service. 
    • Our Basic GA4/GTM set-up service includes setup & configuration of GA4, server-side tracking (via BigQuery), and integration in website. 
    • We also have a Webshop Tracking service that includes our Basic GA4/ GTM set-up plus mapping all conversions (viewprod, addtocart, checkout, purchase, etc.). 
  • Cost of service: The Basic GA4/ GTM set-up service costs €1100. If you have over 10 events to be added we charge +€550 per 25 events. Our Webshop Tracking service is priced at €2200. 
  • Additional information: Contact to learn more.


Description of service:

  • Diagnose client requirements and complexity - Fresh install or migration of existing?
  • Potential deployment through Google Tag Manager if required
  • Mapping required events and tracking requirements
  • Migration of anything related to secondary Google Services such as Ads
  • Migration of any tracking requirement for thirdparty services outside Googles Eco System
  • Update databox with new GA4 compliant metrics (Requires a Client Relationship with Launchr)
  • Understanding user behaviour and buyers journey to propose any best practice not currently utilized
  • Understanding your goals and company roadmap, to utilize databox and Google Analytics best to achieve those goals.

Cost of service:

  • Ranging from $970 to $2,130, but will require more in complex cases with many events or complex tracking requirements.
  • We will migrate your Databox license to our Agency account, and take over the billing too for this, so we can assist you.

Additional Information:

  • Read more here
  • Book a 30 min free consultation here


  • Description of service: Our team of highly skilled data experts will take care of everything for you, including miigrating your goals, events, and ecommerce tracking. We’ll make the entire process as seamless and stress-free as possible. So sit back and relax while we handle the technical details!
  • Cost of service: We offer different services depending on your business size and GA setup. Our service fees start at €149 and go to €599+. 
  • Additional information: We’ve developed an in-depth landing page that outlines our GA4 services, pricing, frequently asked questions, contact information, and more. Check it out here!

Bonfire Studios

  • Description of service: Bonfire has a team of digital strategists in-house who have experience migrating clients from UA to GA4. Aligned with your business goals, Bonfire can also help set up custom tracking events for important metrics, content engagement, and more! We work closely with our clients to analyze GA4 data and make data-backed recommendations to continue to grow and optimize their web presence. And we also have a talented team of web designers and developers to make those changes happen ;)
  • Cost of service: We charge $150/hour for all services.
  • Additional information: Please contact us at to chat directly with one of our digital strategists.

Steyla Digital

  • Description of service: We offer GA4 migration, training, and dashboard services to our clients.
    • GA4 Migration:  Installation via GTM, configuration, and conversions setup
    • GA4 Training: 1-1 training via video conference and training materials. Offered in English or French.
      • Basic training (2h - Beginner level): Covers the key differences between UA and GA4, new concepts, an interface walk-through, a presentation of the most useful reports, and basic exercises. 
      • Advanced training (1.5h - Advanced level): Training on custom reports: funnel exploration, free form, path exploration, Intermediate to advanced level.
    • Dashboards: Databox dashboard migration and the creation of custom dashboards. Includes Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads KPIs.
    • Cost of service: 
      • GA4 Migration: Starts at 150€ (Additional work at 85€/hour)
      • GA4 Training: 
        • Basic training (2h): 500€
        • Advanced training (1.5h): 300€
      • Dashboards: Starts at 150€ (Additional work at 85€/hour) 
    • Additional information: Based in France, Steyla Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in analytics and digital advertising services. We utilize data-driven analytics to create strategies that maximize ROI and increase conversions. 
      • We typically work with medium-sized businesses across various industries, including education, technology, real-estate, retail, finance and BtoB services in North America and in Europe.
      • You can connect with us here or you can send an email to, mentioning « Databox » in the subject of your email.


  • Description of service: At Nectafy, we help you grow your business by writing high-quality content for your website. But to fully reap the benefits of growth content, you'll want to ensure your website is performing at tip-top shape. That's where our technical SEO audit comes in. We'll run an audit on your entire site and then put together a report with a prioritized list of action items that will improve your website performance, in addition to setting up GA4 and providing recommendations for how to best manage it. Not interested in a full SEO audit? No problem! We also offer a one-time setup for GA4. 
    • Website Technical SEO Audit: We'll run an SEO audit on your entire site and then compile a report with a prioritized list of action items that will improve your website performance. Proper setup of GA4 (and tips for ongoing management) included.
    • GA4 Setup: We'll set up GA4 tracking across your website and configure 1 customized report within GA4 to assist you with your website reporting efforts (and provide additional tips for ongoing management of GA4).
  • Cost of service: Our Website Technical SEO Audit costs $999, while the GA4 Setup service costs $300. 
  • Additional information: To learn more about Nectafy, visit And if you're ready to get started, schedule a call with us today.

Twelve Monkeys

  • Description of service: Twelve Monkeys offers transition and setup services for Google Analytics 4. This may include an analysis of your current setup, recommendations to utilize GA4 based on GDPR, and 1-on-1 training sessions to take full advantage of the tool. 
  • Cost of service: Our GA4 service fee starts at $500 and can be supplemented with other services based on your needs. 
  • Additional information: Twelve Monkeys is an Online Growth & Marketing Agency. We are based in the Netherlands and offer both Dutch and English services. Find out how we can ease your transition to GA4 and contact us here, or send an email to

Blue Hills Digital

  • Description of service: Blue Hills Digital specializes in working with nonprofit organizations and other mission-driven marketing professionals. All Google Analytics engagements start with a free consultation call on Zoom so we can understand what questions you want to answer with analytics and what your reporting needs are. Our Google Analytics 4 offerings include:
    • Installing Google Analytics tracking code on your website, focusing on WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix
    • Troubleshooting in situations where you are uncertain whether Google Analytics has been installed correctly
    • Google Analytics 4 initial implementation, and migrations from Universal Analytics
    • Setting up custom conversion events to track the activities that are most important to your organization
    • Using Google Tag Manager to offer more advanced event or conversion tracking
    • Cross-domain tracking for situations where you need to use a single GA4 property to track sessions across multiple websites or sub-domains
    • Designing custom reporting dashboards to share GA4 data with your team
    • Combining GA4 data with data from a website content audit to inform your content strategy
  • Cost of service: Our basic Google Analytics 4 implementation packages start at $1,500. We will provide a project-based quote after an initial free consultation call.
  • Additional information: We offer a free consultation for all new analytics clients to help us learn more about your needs and design a package scope that is right for you. Learn more and schedule a Google Analytics consultation from our website.


  • Description of service: Get the Most Out of Google Analytics. Migrating to GA4 and optimizing the platform is crucial for businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve in terms of digital marketing and analytics. With the rise of privacy concerns and the deprecation of third-party cookies, it's more important than ever to have a robust, privacy-focused analytics platform like GA4 to understand your audience and make informed decisions about your marketing strategies. Start migrating your Google Analytics today. With GA4, organizations will be better equipped to adapt to changes in the digital landscape, including privacy updates and evolving consumer behavior, ensuring your analytics remain relevant and effective in the long term. Our GA4 migration service includes;
    • Google Tag Manager (GTM) - GTM implementation unlocks GA4's full functionality.
    • Event-Based Tracking - Standard conversions are tracked along with a selection of "Custom Events" centered around your goals.
    • Cross-Device Tracking - A complete view of how users are engaging with your website, even when they switch between devices.
    • Data Streams - Custom streams include key metrics that highlight progress toward your KPIs.
    • Dynamic Reports - Data visualizations help you understand how your website is resonating with visitors.
    • Google Ads - Integration with GA4 provides insights into the effectiveness of your ads.
    • Google Search Console - Connecting GSC and GA4 offers detailed info on how your site is performing in Google search results
  • Cost of service: Pricing $1,800 Includes the full migration, setup, strategy, and agency consulting throughout the process. 
  • Additional information: Ready to Migrate to GA4? You can get started today by scheduling a free, no-obligation discovery call.