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Databox's Plans and Pricing Update 2023

On May 25, 2023, we’ll be launching new plans to better support our customer’s needs and to reflect improvements and additions to our product offerings. Existing customers will be migrated to our new plans on July 1, 2023 (quarterly and yearly subscribers will be migrated on their next bill date). 

We’re excited to launch our new Growth Plan and Premium Plan as part of this update. 


All paid plans will now have unlimited Databoards and Reports available. We made this decision based on the fact that the most successful companies using Databox are tracking more and more data over time. Making this change allows all of our customers to be as successful as possible. 

With your new plan, you can create those dashboards you’ve been missing, analyze your performance in various ways, and allow your team to explore your data more freely.

In order to support these changes, we will be making the cost per Data Source Connection the same for all accounts, which means a slight increase for most customers.

If you’re an existing Databox customer, you can view a custom breakdown of how your subscription costs will change in-app here.

We’ve spent the past several years turning Databox into a more sophisticated analytics and reporting software; building out much more robust analytic capabilities and integrations. Today, customers can better sync, visualize, explore and share their performance data with new features like Reports, Custom Date Ranges, Spreadsheet Integrations, Benchmarks, Metric Details, and more. We have more enhancements coming to all of our customers, as well, including more advanced visualizations, multidimensional metrics, and more out-of-the-box integrations and metrics. 

Further, our new Growth and Premium plans are officially launching today. Both plans will include a variety of AI-powered tools, such as Metric Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, Data Correlations and Generative AI Reports. The new Premium plan will include everything Databox has to offer plus even more frequent data syncs, enterprise-security features, and consultative support. You can learn more about these plans in the video above or on our new website pricing page

Our Free product will no longer include Goals, Alerts, or pushing custom data. 

There is no change to our standard discounting. We still offer 10% discounts on quarterly subscriptions and 20% discounts on annual subscriptions. So if you’re committed to using Databox to manage your company’s performance, this is a great way to reduce your costs. 

Additionally, existing customers can lock in current rates for a longer period of time by switching to a quarterly or annual subscription before July 1st. 

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or start a chat, and we’ll get you connected with the right person to discuss these changes further. 

We’re excited about the future of Databox and are 100% focused on helping our customers achieve even greater success through the power of data.