Can I change the language in Databox or translate my dashboards and metrics?

By default, the Databox app is in English. There is not currently a way to change the language for the entire Databox app, but there are select places where you can customize the text that is displayed. In this document, we'll highlight those areas where you can customize the text that's displayed. 


How to customize text on Databoards


How to customize Datablocks

In the Designer, the Datablock title can be customized in Datablock Settings. Learn more here

How to customize Bar Chart or Line Chart Legends

Learn how to customize the legend on Bar Charts and Line Charts here.

How to customize Notes and Annotations

Notes and Annotations can be added to your Databoards to provide further analysis directly on the report. Notes and Annotations are all entered directly in a text field, so you can customize the text. 

Learn more about Notes and Annotations

How to customize Dimension names

Dimension names can be customized using Metric Builder. Learn more here.

How to customize text for Goals

When setting Goals, a Goal Name can be set to better identify the target. Learn more here.

How to customize Alert messages

When you set Alerts, you can click on the Advanced Settings link and customize the Alert message that is sent. Learn more here