How to connect Slack - access metrics from Slack channels

Isn’t it a mess when your conversations about data and the data itself are in completely different places? Thanks to Databox's Slack connector, you can now view data in context, right where the conversation is happening.

 Go to and click "Add to Slack" button.
 Select correct Slack account in right top corner (if you have multiple accounts).
  Confirm your identity for your Slack account and select the channel where the Databox bot will post.

 In the meantime, you will get a message from the Da tabox bot in your Slack app. Be sure to check that Databox was added in your selected channel (in our case this is #stats channel).
 Select Da tabox under "Direct messages" and click on the URL to authenticate your account.
 Click "Allow" to grant permission.
That's it!
Once you’re connected, you can use slack commands or talk directly to the bot (private conversation).
Here are some of the quick and easy commands you can use to access your metrics right from Slack:
  • /metrics lists all available metrics
  • /metric [your metric] [period] reports the data for the requested metrics. You can also use the following optional short codes for periods: 24h (last 24 hours), 1d (today), -1d (yesterday), -1w (last week), 7d (last 7 days), WTD(week to date), 14d (last 14 days), 30d (last 30 days), -1m (last month), MTD(month to date)…
  • /alerts lists the 5 most recent triggered alerts for your account
  • /scorecard shows your latest scorecard with up to 5 of your key metrics
  • /weekly delivers your latest weekly summary
  • /help lists available commands

And voila! Data at your fingertips is only a click away. You’ll be able to instantly access metrics from any of your Databox-connected data sources, right from Slack. Check it out today!

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