Guide: Using Slack with Databox


How to connect Databox to Slack

Unlike other integrations, Databox needs to be connected within Slack, rather than Slack being added as a Data Source connection within Databox. 

 To connect a Databox Account to a Slack channel, navigate to
 Click Add to Slack.
 In the Post to drop-down list, select the Channel that you want Databox to post to.
 Click Install.
 You'll now receive a message from the Databox bot in the Channel you selected above. Under Apps select Databox and click on the URL to verify your Account.
Pro Tip: If you receive a message saying "it seems you have connected a slack bot before..", follow these steps. 
 Click Allow to grant permission and complete the connection process. 

How to disconnect Databox from Slack

 To disconnect a Databox Account from a Slack channel, navigate to From within Slack, you can get here by clicking on the gear icon and navigating to Add Apps > View App Directory. 
 Click  Manage.
 This will bring you to the Apps page. Type Databox in the Search bar to find the Databox connection.
 Click on the Databox connection to open the Authentication page.
 At the bottom of the page in the Remove Application section, click Remove App.

How to update the channel where Databox is connected

In the channel where Databox is currently connected, send /kick @databox. In the channel where you want to connect Databox, send /invite @databox. You will now receive a confirmation message in the new channel. 

How to use Slack for Client Accounts

    Only Agency Accounts have access to Client Accounts. Learn more about how to become a Databox Agency Partner here

You are currently only able to connect one Databox Account to each Slack workspace. Because of this, it is not currently possible to connect Slack bots for several Client Accounts to one Slack workspace. 

It is on the roadmap to enable this functionality. In the meantime, you can create a separate Slack workspace for each of your Clients. You can then connect each Client Slack workspace with the corresponding Client Account in Databox. 

Within Slack, you can switch between workspaces to view data for different Clients. Scorecards, weekly summaries, and Alerts can be sent to the corresponding Slack workspace. 

How to use Slack commands

Once you've connected Databox to Slack, you can use Slack commands in a public or private channel, or talk directly to the Databox bot. 

In public or private channels, add @ before any command for the returned data to be visible to everyone in the Slack channel. Add / before any command for the returned data to only be visible to you. 

Popular commands are outlined below. 

  • Send databox help to return a list of all available commands
  • Send databox metrics to return a list of all available Metrics that are used on Databoards in your Account.
  • Send databox metrics [Metric name][Date Range] to report on specific data for the requested Metric. 
Pro Tip: You can use the following optional shorthands for Date Range entries: 
24h (last 24 hours), 1d (today), -1d (yesterday), -1w (last week), 7d (last 7 days), WTD (week to date), 14d (last 14 days), 30d (last 30 days), -1m (last month), MTD (month to date), etc. 
  • Send databox weekly to return your latest weekly summary
  • Send databox alerts to return a list of the 5 most recently triggered Alerts from your Account
  • Send databox scorecard to return a list of all existing Scorecards

How to handle an error


"It seems you have connected a slack bot before..."

Follow these steps to disconnect Databox from Slack
Follow these steps to reconnect Databox to Slack

"Sorry, there was an error while processing your command"

Follow these steps to disconnect Databox from Slack
Follow these steps to reconnect Databox to Slack

How to join the Databox Partner Slack workspace

Agency Partners are invited to join our Databox Partner Slack workspace. Learn how to join here.

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