Overview: Looped Databoards

Carousel Mode allows you to loop multiple Databoards together to create one centralized Streaming URL to host your full report. This Streaming URL will display the Databoard(s) with the same Date Range options, visualizations, and data sync frequency of the Databox Account. 


 Navigate to the Databoards page   
 Hover over the Databoard you want to set as the first Databoard in the Carousel and click the Share Databoard icon. This first Databoard will host the Streaming URL for the full Carousel  
 Click on the Streaming URL tab at the top of the Share Databoard window
 Check the Carousel mode checkbox to enable Carousel Mode for the Databoard

 Click + Add Databoard to select the Databoards to add to the Carousel. Once you have selected the appropriate Databoards from the Account, click the green Add button 

Pro Tip: Databoards can only be looped together in Carousel Mode if they are in the same Databox Account. You can learn more about looping together Databoards from multiple Databox Accounts here.
 Change the order of the Carousel by clicking on the icon to the left of the Databoard title and dragging it to the appropriate position. The first Databoard in the Carousel cannot be changed
 To set your Carousel to auto-loop through the Databoards, select the Autoloop checkbox. Enter the number of seconds you would like each Databoard displayed before automatically switching to the next Databoard in the Carousel
 Copy and paste the Streaming URL to your browser. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see options to play, pause, or manually switch between Databoards
Pro Tip: Sharing a Streaming URL does not give the recipient access to the Databox Account. To give direct access to the Databox Account, you will need to add them as a user by following these steps

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