How to enable Carousel mode for viewing multiple Databoards

You have only one screen but would like to display more than one  Databoard? This is no problem with carousel mode!

Carousel mode will automatically loop through your Databoard so you don’t have to choose just one to display. You have the ability to define which Databoards you would like to loop and how fast you would like the transition between them to be.

Use the instructions below to setup carousel mode for your Databoards.

Let’s try it out!

 Log in to the Databox web application


 Choose "Databoards" in the top menu bar


 "Edit" a Databoard that you would like to stream


 Click the share icon on top of the Designer window to open up the “Share Databoard” settings and select "Live access" tab

 Open Additional settings and enable the carousel mode. In dropdown select all of the Databoards you would like to add to your carousel

The default loop delay is 60 seconds, but you can change it to however long or short you’d like.

 Hit the "Save" button to Save the changes. To start streaming, click the "Preview icon"

If everything went well then the result should look like this.

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