Overview: Goals

Have trouble setting and tracking goals for your business, your team or yourself? You’re not the only one. 

In this article we will teach you how to enter goals and track your progress towards your goals, both within Databox.

To demonstrate how to set up your first goal, let’s use an example. Say you want to grow traffic to 1,500 sessions per month, you’ve already connected your Google Analytics account to Databox and you want to monitor your progress using a line chart

 Log in to the Databox web application


 Choose "Databoards" in the top menu bar.


 Hover over your desired Databoard you would like to edit and click on the " Customize" icon. This will open the Databox layout designer where you are able to add and edit goals for your desired metrics.
 Click on the datablock you would like to focus on (A). Once selected, the Properties panel will show up in the right side of your screen (B). In the bottom side (C) check the Show  Goal button. If you’re setting up a goal for the first time, click the "Set a goal" link. If you’re modifying a goal, click "Modify goal".

 Once you have done this, a popup window will appear. Select your data source and metric, click the "Manual" option by selecting the radio button, then enter your goal value and select a date range from the drop down. Once everything is set up, hit the Save button.

 In our example we have used a line chart on Google Analytics Sessions. On the image below you can see that we are on 73% to completing our monthly goal, which is 1,500 sessions per month.

There are four different ways you can visualize your progress against your goals. Shown in the graphic below, they include:

  • A line chart. (Left)
  • A number block (Top middle)
  • A gauge chart. (Top right)
  • A bar chart (Bottom right)

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