What is a Datablock and Databoard?

Before you start building your dashboards, let’s look at a couple of key concepts to make sure you completely understand what Databox is and how to use it to its full potential.

A datablock is the pairing of a metric and a visualization type on your databoard. There are many different visual representations,  like pie charts, line graphs, and more to choose from.

Adding a new datablock to your databoard is extremely easy and can be done via the Databox Designer.

A databoard is an individual report that you create via the Databox Designer. It can be displayed on any device, including phones, computers, tablets, smart watches, and TV screens.

Here are some examples of the different layouts you can build.


Databoard with a flexible grid layout

Read more here to learn how to build your first databoard.

Databoard with various visualization options and color themes

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