How to contact Databox Support

If you need further assistance, please contact Databox Support by following the steps outlined below. You can also contact Databox Support by emailing [email protected] 

 Click the blue Help button in the bottom right corner of the Databox app
 Click New Conversation to start a convesation with a member of the Support Team
   Explain your reason for contacting Support in the body of the message. Please provide as much information as possible so our Support Team is better equipt to provide immediate assistance. 
If you are looking for help with a specific Databoard, be sure to include the Databox Account Name, the title of the Databoard and any supporting materials (including images and videos) so we can further investigate on our end. 
 Click the blue arrow icon to send your message
We aim to reply to all messages as soon as possible. If you are no longer online when a response is sent, you will receive a copy via email as well. 
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