How to create a Client Account

To create a Client account on Databox, please follow the steps below:

  Once logged into Databox, click "Account" in the top right part of your screen
  Go to “Account Details” and click "Client Accounts"

 Click the green "+Add new Client" button. The following screen will appear. 
 On the "Create new client account" screen, enter the company's name, the client's full name and the client’s email address. Since you have not yet set up any datasources or databoards inside of their account, you may not be ready to share the account with them. If you do not want to invite them yet, do not click the checkbox "Send login information to client". If the checkbox is left unchecked, their login information will be sent to you instead.
 On the same screen, you can choose the right plan for your client.  Once you've begun paying for your partner account, you will be able to create accounts for your client that are covered under your payment plan. Choose either Client Basic, Client Business or a Free plan from the drop down list (use our pricing page to see which plan your client will need.) 
 Click "Create"
Once created, you can toggle back and forth between your account and any client account using the drop down list in the top left of your display, or by clicking "Client Accounts" under the Account menu.

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