Overview: User Management

There are 3 user types within the Databox platform, each with specific access and permissions.

You have the flexibility to have as many of each user type as you’d like based on the needs of your organization.

Administrator Editor User
Administrators have full access to Databox. They can create and manage users and create / edit Data Source connections and Databoards. Editors can edit and delete all Databoards that they have access to. They can add users, but they cannot manage users or delete Data Source connections. Users can only view Databoards that they have access to and edit Databoards they created. They can't manage users, edit Data Source connections or view / add comments.

Only Administrators can invite and approve new users to the Databox Account. Editors are able to invite new users to the account as well, but invited users will need to be approved by an admin before receiving an email invitation that includes their access credentials.

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