How to change the Format and Scale on a Datablock

Scale and Format are used exclusively for the visual representation of numbers. To change the scale or format, you must use our Advanced Properties:

 Navigate to Databoard Editor (Designer)
 Select Datablock with a Metric which you want to Edit
 Click the cog wheel icon as shown in the red circle in the image below

The following screen will appear: 


For most of your metrics predefined formats will work fine, but in case you want to modify or create a new custom format, you can add it by typing a new format in the search field of the Format box and pressing Enter to save it.

In the example above we changed the format of the number by manually typing in 0.00€ into the Format box. You can manually set the Format this way by adding two zeros after the decimal place. (i.e. type 0.00 if you want to show two digits after the decimal point.)

You can use 0 or # to set a custom format. What is a difference? Let's assume that we want to change a format for the value  12.3

1. If you set a custom format as: 0.00% you will see this number as 12.30% - all numbers will be shown (including the last "0" number) because you defined two decimal numbers as the format.
2. If you set a custom format #.##% for the same value, you will see this number as 12.3%. In this case, only one decimal number is shown because there are no "0" numbers at the end.

- In case your value will have more than two decimals, only two will be shown in both cases.
- There is no differences between 0 and # if you don't use decimal numbers.
- By using 0 you define a number of decimal places, but always all of defined will be shown. In case you use # there won't be extra decimal numbers shown if there are none in the value.


With the default scale and format (e.g. Auto) option, the number “123456” will be displayed as 123,456. Amongst other options you also have the option of setting Scale to “Thousand,” which will display the number as 123k.

You can also set a Format and Scale for every new metric created through Data Calculations. Please make sure you save the calculated metric after making any changes on format or scale.

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