Format and Scale

Scale and Format are used exclusively for the visual representation of numbers.

With the default scale and format (e.g. Auto) option, the number “123456” will be displayed as 123,456. As just one example, you also have the option of setting Scale to “Thousand,” which will display the number as 123k.

To change the scale or format, you must use our Advanced Properties Pane. When editing a Datablock, click the cog wheel as shown in the red circle in the image below: 

The following screen will appear once you click the cog wheel: 

In this example, we changed the format of the number by manually typing 0.00% into the Format box. You can manually set Format this way by using two zeros both before and after the decimal place. (i.e. type 00.00 if you want to show two digits before and after the decimal point.)

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