Datacard Access Permission Settings

Managing user permissions comes in handy when you’re running a larger team from your Databox account. Not only do you get full control over the distribution of sensitive data across your organization, but you also help users focus on what matters by removing the clutter from their experience.

Datacards permissions

To set access permissions from the mobile app, click on the “Account” tab from the navigation menu. From there, tap “Manage Users.” Here, you’ll be able to select any user and edit which  databoards  he or she has access to.

From the Databox Designer web app, you can set permissions in one of two ways:

1. Via the databoard settings

When you are on the databoards overview page, hover the mouse over the databoard you’ve selected and click on the “user-key” icon. This will open up a new window where you’ll be able to enable or disable the selected databoard for other users. Any changes will be updated and distributed to your users immediately upon saving.

2. Via the user management screen

Click on the down arrow in the upper right hand corner next to “Account,” and then click on “User Management.” Next, click “Edit” to open the user details window.

User management - Share popup

You’ll be able to see which databoards are currently shared with the user.

You can add or remove the databoards your users have access to by checking or unchecking the databoards. Changes will be updated for your users in real time.

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