Guide: Using Google Play with Databox

If you are trying to measure how your Android application is performing, the Google Play Developer Console offers you a wide range of reports on the performance of your app; such as installs, ratings, crashes, and more.

How to integrate Google Play Developer Console with Databox?

For a successful integration, you will need to login with your google developer account and provide your ‘App ID’ and ‘Developer Account ID’. For security reasons you must invite a user which we provide.

 Navigate to Settings > User accounts & rights and add a new user
 Invite [email protected]
  • Select "Finance" for "Role"
  • Add global permissions for "Visibility" and  "View financial data"
  • Send invitation
  • Afterwards wait for the “Invitation accepted” email. Then you can continue connecting.

 Your App ID and Developer Account ID can be found in the URL when you navigate to your application in your Google Play Developer Console. The numbers “0123456789” stand for your Developer Account ID and “com.your.application” for your App ID. Write them down.
Play Store metrics / Developer account
 In the  Databox web application you can find the integrations in the Data Manager ( + New connection). Click on Connect under the Google Play logo
 Provide your App ID and Developer Account ID from the 3rd step and click Activate. It takes ~1 min to activate the integration.

After successfully activated, Databox will start fetching your Google Play app statistics.

Google Play Developer Console metrics in Databox

With the integration for Databox, you’ll be able to quickly and easily assess your application performance on Google Play market on your mobile device.

The most popular metrics to measure your app performance are:


Are probably the most interesting metric for your application. They quickly tell you how many users are using your application. Installs are also very important for your application store ranking. The more installs you have the higher your ranking will be.


One of the main factors people take into consideration before downloading an app is how high of a rating it has.


One of the main reasons apps are rated poorly have to do with technical problems or crashes. If you see a sudden drop in your ratings, your app may indeed have a bug.

Metrics Databox pulls from Google Play Developer Console:

  • Current installs by device and by user
  • Daily installs and uninstalls by device and user
  • GCM messages and daily registered devices
  • Avarage ratings for each day and cumulative average rating
  • Daily crashes and daily ANR (Application Not Responding)

Databox also offers an iTunes Connect integration. That way you can compare how your app performs on different platforms.

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