Guide: Using App Store Connect with Databox (DEPRECATED)

    We have identified reliability issues with the App Store Connect integration that results in the Data Source displaying an error (“2FA token has expired’ or “Fatal connect error, please try again (timeout)“). This appears to be a universal issue caused by the App Store Connect API.

    In order to ensure we provide our users with stable, reliable data, we have decided to temporarily remove the App Store Connect integration from our list of available integrations. Therefore, it is not possible to connect new App Store Connect Data Sources or reconnect existing connections.

    We will continue to seek a solution to allow us to restore the App Store Connect integration in the future. In the meantime, you can upvote the request for the development of native App Store Connect integration here.

    An alternative way to sync App Store Connect data with Databox will be available soon. This will involve using our new Appfigures integration, which is currently being developed. 

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