How do I increase my Custom Metric limit?

There is a limit on the number of Custom Metrics that can be built in your Account in order to optimize data syncing in your Account and ensure there aren't unnecessary API calls. There are a few ways to add more Custom Metrics once you've hit your limit. 


How to remove unused Custom Metrics

Custom Metrics in your Account that are not used on any Databoards, Goals, the Metrics page, etc. are still counting towards your Custom Metric limit. 

You can remove these unused Custom Metrics in bulk with the Clean Up Wizard using this link

How to increase my Custom Metric limit

You can increase your Custom Metric limit by upgrading your plan. The Professional plan includes 300 Custom Metrics, and the Performer plan includes 1000 Custom Metrics. 

If you need more than 1000 Custom Metrics or would like to connect with our team to discuss increasing the limit further, feel free to reach out via chat or email us at 

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