How does Databox's pricing work?

Databox's pricing has 4 levers: 1) plan 2) Data Source Connections 3) Add-Ons 4) Services.

Your subscription cost is based on your plan + the number of Data Source Connections in your Account + add-ons and recurring services.  


Pro Tip: Databox users prior to May 9, 2021 were grandfathered in with their old Databoard/ Data Source Connection limits if the original limits were higher. 

Databox Plans

There are 3 plans available: 


Best for daily monitoring and reporting of high-level metrics for small teams.

Best for hourly monitoring and analysis for small and mid-sized businesses. Best for on-demand monitoring for companies serious about improving performance.

There are different features and functionality available in each plan. You can learn more here

Pro Tip: We encourage Agencies and resellers to enroll in our Partner Program in order to create an Agency Account with sub-Client Accounts and access Agency pricing. Learn more here

Data Source Connections

You have the ability to add as many Data Source Connections as you'd like on any plan. 

The first 3 Data Source Connections are free on all plans. After that, it costs $ X per Data Source Connection, with X depending on your plan. 

To view the cost per Data Source Connection for each plan, navigate to the Plans page in-app or contact our Support Team via chat or email. 

Learn more about Data Source Connections here.


We currently offer a White-Label Add-On that allows you to provide fully-branded reports, performance alerts, and log-in access to your team and/or clients. Learn more here


We offer a variety of free and paid services to help you get started quickly and get the most value out of Databox. Learn more here

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