Overview: Fiscal Calendars

With Fiscal Calendars, you can customize the settings for pre-defined Date Ranges like "This Year," "This Quarter," etc. This can help ensure you're analyzing your data in a way that reflects the accurate yearly/ quarterly performance for your company. 

Pro Tip: The Fiscal Calendar feature is still in BETA. It is stable and ready to use, but it might not cover all edge cases yet. 
    Fiscal Calendars are available in Performer Accounts. Start a chat or email us at help@databox.com to learn more about this functionality. 


What does a Fiscal Calendar do in Databox?

A fiscal year is a 12-month period that an organization uses to report its finances. It often doesn't align with the calendar year. 

In Databox, Fiscal Calendars allow you to update pre-defined Date Ranges like "This Year" / "Year to Date," "This Quarter" / "Quarter to Date," etc. to reflect your fiscal year. 

For example, if your Fiscal Year starts on February 1st and ends on January 31st, "This Year" will be defined as February 1st - January 31st, and "Year to Date" will be set to show date from February 1st to the current date. Quarters will be defined as Q1 = February - April, Q2 = May - July, Q3 = August - October, and Q4 = November - January. 

Custom start/ ends dates can be set for the year, quarter, month, or week in Databox. 

Which Calendars does Databox support?

Databox supports Fiscal Calendars with custom year start and end dates, custom quarter start and end dates, custom month start and end dates, custom week start and end dates, and week-aligned calendars. 

If you use a calendar that is not mentioned above, please contact our Support Team via chat or email (help@databox.com).  

How to set a Fiscal Calendar in Databox

Fiscal Calendars are currently set on the backend and are not visible in-app. 

To set a Fiscal Calendar, you must be on the Performer/ Agency Performer plan. Reach out to Support via chat or email (help@databox.com) to begin the setup process. 

We'll need the following information to set your Fiscal Calendar: 

1. How do you define the Fiscal Year?
Does the year contain 365 days and start with a different month? Does the year contain less than 365 days? Is it a week-aligned calendar, comparing week 1 this year to week 1 last year?

2. What is the first and last day of the Fiscal Year?

3. How do you define the start date for a quarter, month, and week?

Pro Tip: Fiscal Calendars are applied to individual Databox Accounts. Agency Partners must specify which Account(s) they’d like the Fiscal Calendar set for.
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