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How to verify my TV can stream dashboards

You must make sure that your TV or monitor is connected to the internet for it to stream dashboards. Many new smart TV's come with a built-in browser that is powerful enough to directly stream your dashboards. 

Pro Tip: It is recommended that your TV software and its built-in browser are updated to the latest version.

For older TV's, it is necessary to use a device like Asus Chromebit, Google Chromecast, or Amazon TV Fire Stick to essentially turn your TV into a computer and display the Shareable Link.

Pro Tip: Asus Chromebit and Amazon TV Fire Stick's functionality allows you to display Databoards on your TV with no additional device. Google Chromecast requires a computer, tablet, or phone to cast the Databoards to your TV.

Make sure your screen is at least 50" with full HD support. This will ensure your Databoards are displayed in the best quality possible. 

How to stream to a new TV


 On your Smart TV, navigate to tv.databox.com. This will reveal a 4-digit code


 In Databox, navigate to the Databoards page


 Hover over the Databoard that you want to stream to your TV. Click on the  Share icon.

Pro Tip: If you want to stream Looped Databoards to your TV, click the  Share icon for the first Databoard in the loop. 

  Navigate to the Stream to TV tab in the Share Databoard window


 Enter the 4-digit code that you see on your Smart TV in the Code field in Databox.


 Click the green Stream to TV button

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