How to report on Goals from Google Analytics using Query Builder

Google Analytics has a limitation that only allows basic access to Goals 1 through 10 from a Google Analytics Account. However, within Google Analytics itself you have the ability to create up to 20 Goals. In Databox, we built the  Google Analytics Query Builder to enable users to access all 20 Goals from their Google Analytics Accounts. 

Let’s work through an example of how to pull Custom Goals from Google Analytics into Databox through the Query Builder tool.

 Log in to the Databox web application.
 Go to the  Query Builder page or access the Query Builder from a Databoard:

  Once inside the Query Builder tool, click on the Metrics dropdown and search for the Goal name that you want to visualize in Databox. From here, you can select any Goal from the selected Google Analytics Account.

 For each Goal, you have the ability to choose the following Metric options:
  • Goal Value
  • Goal Starts
  • Goal Completions
  • Goal Conversion Rate
  • Goal Abandonment Rate
  • Goal Abandonment Funnels
  • Site Search Goal Conversion Rate
 Now, you can select a Dimension to recategorize the metric, Date Ranges to view this custom metric for different time intervals, and Filters to include or exclude specific data. You can view a full guide on how to use the Google Analytics Query Builder  here

Try if for try it for yourself!

Please view our  Pricing page for more information which Databox Plans support the Query Builder tool, or send us a message at [email protected] to request a free trial.

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