How to access Goals from Google Analytics using Query Builder

Google Analytics has a limitation that only allows basic access to Goals 1 through 10 from a Google Analytics Account. However, within Google Analytics you can create up to 20 Goals in your Account. 

In Databox, the Query Builder for Google Analytics allows you to access all 20 Goals from your Google Analytics Account(s).

Pro Tip: It is not currently possible to create a Metric to track "Goal Completions by Goal" using the Query Builder for Google Analytics. Instead, you will need to create a Custom Metric to track individual Goal Completions.


How to access Goals from Google Analytics using Query Builder

To create Custom Metrics to report on your Goals from Google Analytics, simply select your Goal from the Metrics drop-down list. Type the Goal number (i.e., Goal 4) in the Metric field to filter out all available Metrics for the goal. 

There are a variety of goal Metrics that are accessible via Query Builder, such as "Goal Completions," "Goal Conversion Rate," and "Goal Abandonment Rate." 

A new Custom Metric must be created for each Goal that you want to report on. 

How to access Goals from Google Analytics using Query Builder [Example]

Let's say we want to report on "Goal 1 Completions" from our Google Analytics Account. 

 Navigate to Metrics  > Query Builder and click + New Custom Metric
 Select your Google Analytics Account from the Data Source drop-down list
 In order to accurately explain this Metric, we'll name it "Goal 1 Completions"
 From the Metric drop-down list, we'll type Goal 1 in order to filter out all Goal 1 Metrics. Select Goal 1 Completions from the Metric drop-down list
 We will leave the Dimensions field blank
 We'll select Week to Date, Month to Date, Quarter to Date and Year  to Date as Date Range options. From the Compare With drop-down, we'll select Previous Period so we can compare each of these Date Ranges with data from the previous period
 Click Run query
 Click Save to save your Custom Metric
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