Overview: Query Builder

Databox Query Builder is a powerful new way to access your data and look under-the-hood. Sometimes the default metrics are simply not enough. When you need to explore, this new tool from Databox lets you build queries to get custom data from your connected Data Sources.

Query Builder is supported for following Integrations:

The Query Builder is an advanced functionality built within the Databox web application that helps you access any custom object or unique metric.

How you can try it out…

The Query Builder feature is available for all users on the  Plus and  Business plans (free trials included).

  Create a new Databoard, or edit an existing one.


 Select the “Visualization Types” datablock menu on the  left and   drag & drop an empty visualization (ie. Number, Line chart, Table).
  Select the data source from the right panel.
 In the Metrics  dropdown , switch to "Custom" and select "+ New Custom Query." The Query Builder form will pop up.
 Once you make a custom query, run it to see the results. If you’re satisfied with the settings, save the Query.
 Once saved, it will start to fetch data. Wait a moment and you should see the data on the Datablock. You can switch between the time intervals that you selected within the query.

With the Query Builder, you can now pull the data you need to build advanced reports.

Closer look at how it works for Google Analytics

A: Name your query

Each query will produce a custom metric that you can name, so it’ll be easier to find it in your query list and within the Designer. In the Designer, all of your queries can be found under the “Custom” tab in the metrics drop down.

B: Time intervals:

Select all the time intervals you need and they will be available for that metric.

C: Compare setting:

If you want to see the value compared to the previous period or the same period last year, you can now specify that in the Query Builder. On a Number block, it will appear as a change value beneath the actual value. On a line or bar chart, it will add a second line/bar with values from the compared period.

D: Advanced options:

This part of the Query Builder form is individual to each connector. It allows advanced segmentations, filters and settings to get the data you need.

E: Data preview:

Once you run the query, you will see the raw data response from the connector below. If you have selected multiple intervals, the results will be split and you can switch between them with tabs. The data preview shows raw data. You can sort by each column and apply a few transformations to the dimensions (we call them ‘Attributes’).

Why Query Builder?

When you track and store your metrics with a service like Adobe Analytics or Mixpanel, there are usually two ways to access that data afterwards. The first and most obvious is logging into the service and checking it there. The second is programmatical access through the service’s API (if that’s a feature available to the public), where you play by their rules and limitations. And if you want to segment or filter your data around certain parameters, then the default metrics simply don’t cut it.

You probably agree there is no powerful Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics dashboard without custom user-defined Goals, no Mixpanel without custom event segmentation & funnels, etc. Delivering those custom metrics was often a laborious process that took hours, which is just the opposite of our Designer tool, where you can build reports with full customizability in just seconds.

Now, you can get all your custom data from the supported integrations in just seconds.

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