How to duplicate a Databoard

There are a few reasons why you might want to duplicate a Databoard:

  1. Store a copy of a report before you make changes to it. 
  2. Multiple business units want to view their data inside the same report. 
  3. View multiple accounts from the same datasource (e.g. Google Analytics, Github repositories or Facebook campaigns) using the same report layout.

Use the instructions below to clone an existing report and change data sources to create a new report.

Let’s try it out!

 Log in to the Databox web application
 Choose " Databoards" in the top menu bar

 Hover over the Databoard you would like to duplicate and click on the " Duplicate" icon.

  A: Select "Copy Databoard with same data sources".  This creates an exact copy of your existing Databoard. 

B: Alternatively, select  "Replace with different data sources " if you would like to duplicate the Databoard and change the data sources. You can choose data sources you've already connected using the drop downs.  If you haven't connected the new datasource yet, that's ok. Just click "Connect another..." in the dropdown.

There you have it! A duplicated Databoard has now been created.

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