How to track Instagram Ads data using the Metric Builder for Facebook Ads

In this article, we'll walk through an example showing how to access Instagram Ads data using the Metric Builder for Facebook Ads (Ads Reporting). 

    Metric Builder is available on the Professional and Performer plans. Request a trial of Metric Builder by following these steps  

 First, navigate to Metrics  > Custom Metrics and select your connected Facebook Ads Data Source
 Select the Ads Reporting radio button 
 For our example, we'll select Clicks as the Metric selection
 We don't want to choose a Dimension for our Custom Metric, since we only want the total number of Clicks returned for each Date Range
 Finally, we'll add a Filter to only retain data for Instagram Ads data. To do this, we'll select Publisher Platform from the Filter by drop-down list. The Operator will be set to Contains, and the Value we enter is Instagram
 In order to accurately explain what this Custom Metric is reporting on, we'll name the Custom Metric "Clicks (Instagram Ads)"  
 Click Preview data to generate a Data Preview of the Custom Metric
 Once we confirm that these are the results we're looking for, we'll click Save to save the Custom Metric
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