When did my data last sync?


How often should my Data Sources sync?

For native integrations, data syncs hourly for Paid Accounts and daily for Free Accounts. 

However, there are some exceptions. These exceptions are in place to reduce costs to users and improve performance. 

  • Localytics: every 8 hours
  • YouTube: every 8 hours
  • AccuRanker: every 12 hours
  • Ahrefs: every 12 hours
  • GooglePlay: once per day
  • iTunesConnect: once per day
  • MOZ: once per day
  • SEMrush: once per day
  • Google Analytics: Due to high demand, Google Analytics Data Source sync times may be delayed by several hours. To remedy this, we are improving the process in the following ways: 
    • On-demand data syncs. This change is already live in Databox. Learn more here
    • Activity-based fetching. We will also be transitioning to activity-based fetching. As soon as you login or view a Databoard, we will initiate a data sync for your Google Analytics Data Source(s). 

If a connected Data Source's Metrics are not used anywhere in Databox (i.e., on the Metrics screen, on a Databoard, as a Goal, in an Alert, etc.), the Data Source will not sync regularly. In paid Databox Accounts, data will sync daily (as opposed to hourly) for these Data Sources. In free Databox Accounts, data syncing will be on hold. This may result in gaps in the data accessible in Databox. 

To start regularly syncing data, at least 1 Metric from the Data Source must be selected and used in Databox.  

Similarly, Custom Metrics must be actively used in Databox in order to regularly sync data.

When did my Data Source last sync

To view the time of the latest data sync for each Data Source, navigate to   Data Source. The Last synced column specifies the last recorded data sync for the Data Source. 

When did my Databoard last update

On your Databoards, you can view the  Last update time in the bottom righthand corner. It is important to note that the time shown here specifies the last recorded update for the Databoard, not necessarily a full data sync. This includes updates made to the Databoard in the Designer, along with data updates that have taken place for one or all of the Data Sources used on the Databoard. 

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